The exact location and ways to travel to Vangani

  • Vangani is a town located on the Mumbai-Karjat route, some 85 kms from Mumbai, in Thane district of Maharashtra.
  • The best way to reach Vangani from Mumbai, is by road.
  • It takes approximately 2 and a half hours to reach.
  • You can also take a train from the central railway line from Mumbai to Vangani station.
  • It would take approximately 2 hours to reach the destination by train.

The best time to visit Vangani is during winters and monsoons. The summers can be very hot, so it is not the best time to visit.

Vangani is famous for its waterfall, which is commonly called the Bhagirath waterfall. It is also well known for its plant nurseries and powdered spices.

Vangani is another scenic weekend getaway from Mumbai which is ideal for people who like doing outdoor activities like hiking, trekking or going on nature walks. You can also enjoy the beautiful Bhagirath waterfall, which becomes even more marvelous during the monsoon.

There are weekly public sky observation sessions conducted in Vangani, by an association of amateur astronomers, called the Khagol Mandal. We suggest that you book Forest Fall Resort.