Dubai is the world’s second largest of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its main port and economic center. With a region of three,885 sq. kilometers, it’s placed on the 2 banks of the Dubai Creek, an inlet from the Arabian Gulf. It is one among the world’s few locations wherever fashionable town life, sandy beaches, and the desert are all within easy reach.

The city has designed its wealth primarily on its traditional role as an international trading center, and it is less dependent on oil revenue than the other Emirate states. Dubai’s government is now heavily promoting the city for international investment, commercial and industrial development, and, more recently, tourism. Fifteen trade zones area unit being developed, including the world’s first e-business free zone.

Dubai additionally includes a tradition of implementing huge development projects that have enclosed building the tallest building within the world, as well as the latest Palm Islands development, a major reclamation project which has numerous new hotels and residential properties of the outstanding standard, moreover as shopping malls, entertainment facilities, a marine park and around seventy five miles of recent beaches.

November through to March tends to see bright blue skies and what some might consider being ideal beach-going weather. The heat still packs a punch during these months but slightly less so than the fierce weather that extends from April to October. This summer period is better for avoiding crowds but the heat can get truly intolerable as can the humidity so choose your vacation window carefully. Having said this, all malls, hotels, and restaurants are well air-conditioned therefore traveling Dubai’s indoor attractions are often done at any time throughout the year.

The city of superlatives, Dubai is grand, opulent and extravagant, to say the least! Striking an ideal balance with its fashionable lifestyle and ancient Arabian culture, this emirate has the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Creek, the Palm Islands and an array of different attractions to entice its visitors. Offering a dazzling nightlife, it has some splendid hookah lounges, pubs, and restaurants. Make sure you try some shawarma rolls, mezze platter, and grilled chicken on skewers.

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