The exact location and ways to travel to Kolhapur

  • Kolhapur is a city in the Panchganga River Basin in the state of Maharashtra, located about 380kms from Mumbai.
  • By road it takes around 8 hours to reach Kolhapur from Mumbai.
  • There are direct trains available from Mumbai to Kolhapur.

The ideal time to visit Kolhapur is between August and April.

Kolhapur is very famous for the Kolhapuri Chappals.

When in Kolhapur you can visit places like Rankala lake, Mahalakshmi Temple, Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum, Bhavani Mandap, Jyotiba and Panchganga river.
You can do things like taking an evening walk at Rankala lake, spend a night at Dajipur forest, visit the sugar factories and you can also go on local rides around the town.

A small yet interesting fact about Kolhapur is that it is the very place where Raja Harishchandra, the first feature film ever to be made in India was made. We suggest that you book Hotel Panchshil & Hotel Sayaji.