The exact location and ways to travel to Durshet

  • Durshet is a small forest town that is within driving distance from Mumbai, roughly 100 kms away.
  • You can drive from Mumbai to Durshet, via Khopoli and reach within 2 hours.
  • Alternatively, you can also take a train from the central line railway station in Mumbai to Khopoli railway station and then drive to Durshet.

The best time to visit Durshet is between August to March.

Durshet is primarily a forest town and so is famous for the woods around the area. With the Sahyadri range behind, Durshet is an ideal location for jungle safari. It is also home to one of the Ashtavinayak temples, known by the name, Ballareshvara.

Durshet is the perfect place for a weekend getaway from Mumbai when you want to enjoy an adventurous weekend, going for nature trails, forest walks, river crossing and trekking.

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