The exact location and ways to travel to Dahanu

  • Dahanu is a coastal town in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, located about 136kms from Mumbai.
  • By road it takes around 3 hours to reach Dahanu from Mumbai.
  • By train it takes around 2 and a half hours to reach the Dahanu station from Mumbai.

The best time to visit Dahanu is between the months of October to March.

Dahanu is well known for its famous delicious chikoos, capsicum and coconuts and tadee (a juice made from the palm tree).
There is also a power station in Dahanu, called Dahanu Thermal Power Station, which is famous all over India.

You can stroll around the beach of Dahanu, or go sightseeing to places like the church of Our Lady, Davale lake, Dahanu Fort and Ambabalai lake. We suggest that you book Hotel Beach Classic Resort.