• 10th August, Saturday (Weekend)
  • 11th August, Sunday (Weekend)
  • 12th August, Monday (Eid Ul-Adha)
  • 15th August, Thursday (Independence Day)
  • 16th August, Friday (Take leave)
  • 17th August, Saturday (Weekend)
  • 18th August, Sunday (Weekend)
  • 24th August, Saturday (Janmashtami)
  • 25th August, Sunday (Weekend)
The second half of the Indian holiday list for 2019 starts with the longest weekend. To make the most of this weekend holiday, you can visit the most popular hill station – Lonavala. The ongoing monsoon would have made this getaway a nature lover’s paradise with dense greenery, cool mountain breeze, mesmerizing waterfalls and tranquil atmosphere. You can also enjoy the occasional showers and just immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty this getaway offers. If you are planning a family picnic, a team getaway or a group holiday then you can book this phenomenal hill-top resort Fariyas & Dukes Retreat in Lonavala. This has indoor, outdoor pool, onsite chef and ample indoor games and other facilities.